Healing is a form of treatment in which I try to balance your energy system.


Healing is based on the belief that there is an energy flow in and around the body.

Emotions and patterns of thought affect the energy of the body, so illness and suffering are seen as an expression of a blockage and imbalance in the energy flow.

I belive that, healing on emotions and thoughts in cooperation with the Spirit World - can losen up the mental blockages in your mind and restore your balance in your body.

During the treatment, I try to restore the balance of your body's energy by adding energy to where there are blockages and imbalances. In this way, I think that the body's ability to heal itself is strengthened, and you return to in balance.

Healing is not a miracle cure, but should only be seen as an aid to traditional medical science.

If you have a mental illness or diagnosis, e.g. ADHD, Borderline, please tell me in advance.




Robby Hulegaard Lyng

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