Who am I?


My name is Robby Hulegaard Lyng.

I am educated Reiki Mester Instructor(Healer) and educated Spiritual Advisor (Clairvoyance) at Marzcia Techau.


In April 2017 I completed the Reiki Master Instructor Education at Marzcia Techau:

241 hours of teaching and 185 hours of healing.



In August 2017 I completed the Spiritual Advisor Education at Marzcia Techau.

174 hours of instruction and 30 hours of spiritual counseling


I have completed the following spiritual courses:

- Spiritual Advisor (Clairvoyance)

- Reiki 1

- Reiki 2

- Reiki 3 instructor training

- Karmic Healing (back to ealier incarnelers)

- Angelic Healing 1

- Angelic Healing 2

- Spiritual Healing

- Ethics course, start of own business and client contact

- Healing of patients with cancer


Spiritual Counseling:


In my sitting, I get the information from the Spiritual World that is important for you right now.


A sitting starts with a brief introduction, after which I open up to the Spirit World, and then focus on channeling the message from the Spirit World to you.


Examples of topics we can deal with under a sitting:


- Current and future jobs

- Present and future love

- Obstacles in the past that influence your present life

- Solutions for a locked situation.


After 40 minutes of spiritual counseling, you have the opportunity to ask a question,

after which the sitting is rounded off.


I do not tune into time of death, accident and illness, as well as 3rd person, for example. "Is my boyfriend cheating on me?"


Instead, I can focus on your relationship with your boyfriend, whether your relationship is good, your on the right path in life, or what you should do to make life it better.

The entire session will be recorded and will be sent to you via mail / audio file.


It's possible to book a phone/Skype sitting if you live abroad. Please write to bestilling@robby.dk or call me on +4529294849


You can read about my client's experience, on my facebook page,

as you can find at the bottom of the page. (only in danish)



Spiritual Development:


Sometimes you need help to get to the next step in your spiritual development. You may feel you are missing a piece of your inner puzzle. By having a spiritual development sitting, you can get help and tools to progress on your spiritual path. All ways are different, and everyone should not do the same. Together with the love of the Spirit World, we work in the service of light, to create more light in the Universe.



Spiritual Conversation:


We can all have experiences in our lives, that can put their scars onto the soul.

Foto: DR Ung

We can take responsibility for these experiences, and we can overcome these obstacles and take back the control.

The short version is that, we take back the control over the experiencen instead

of the experiencen having control over us.

This kind of spiritual conversation is for deep personal development.

Like an onion, we pillow layer by layer until we finally only have your core back.

Then we rebuild healthy layers, on your terms, because its your life.

It's a spiritual approach, in which you are at the center of attention,

and the Spiritual World help you from the other side.



My Healings:


As a healer, I act as a channel for the SpiritWorld, giving the Spirit World the opportunity to work with you - just rest assured that you get the healing you need. If you have not tried healing before, click here for a brief introduction.


My healing specialties:

- Healing with Reiki

- Healing with Angels

- Spiritual Healing (Deep Healing)

- Karmic Healing (Healing of Past Life)





You should be aware that the healing can cause you to get physically, psychologically or spiritually ill, up to, during and after healing.


This is part of the way healing works.


Healing is a good supplement to any medical treatment, but should not be substituted for medical treatment




My courses:


Courses and splendid workshops are regulairy held, in Copenhagen and in Korsør. Here you can learn to heal, develop your spiritual abilities, or refresh your Reiki initiation.

If you are interested, please feel free to write or call me.

Robby Hulegaard Lyng

Pommernsgade 5, 1 th.

2300 København S

TLF. 29 29 48 49

Photos are from freerangestock.com